HALCYON is a data collaboration platform that ensures the right data is delivered at the right time.

It provides all stakeholders with a hub to supply, validate and approve engineering data then creates an immutable record of that data.

HALCYON automates the capture of granular engineering data and improves collaboration across the supply chain.

The activities that HALCYON captures, happen now, just in many disparate forms and sources, we bring all of this together into a rich, central data environment that connects the teams and their data.

HALCYON is the world’s only blockchain information management platform and creates a permanent digital golden thread of the information, decisions and queries made during projects.

A digital birth certificate for parts & equipment.


Simple to configure and then simple to load, share and action on information from your data supply chain. Everyone has visibility on what they need to do and by when making it simple to action and comply.


Driven by your requirements, programme and business process ensuring you get the right data at the right time. Data driven reporting and deliverables become a reality and connectors to common tools give you actionable insights.


Data can only be accessed, reviewed and edited by the people you trust. All historical data is stored giving you a digital audit trail over time and submitted data can be anchored to a blockchain giving an immutable historical record.